Gravitation Saw Band cutting machine Pilous ARG 235 Plus

Gravitation Saw Band cutting machine Pilous ARG 235 Plus


  • Brand: PILOUS
  • Product Code: ARG 235 Plus

Main characteristics All specifications
Type: Pivot type
90° round / square / rectangle, mm: 235/230/280x180
45° round / square / rectangle, mm: 185/160/185x100
60° round / square / rectangle, mm: 115/80/115x80
-45° round / square / rectangle, mm: 165/145/180x80

Upgraded version of the historically best selling model series ARG 220 with entirely new shoulder blade and unique design.
Enlarged has been the maximum diameter of the split material from 220 mm to 235 mm and by rectangular cross sections from
270 x 150 mm to 280 x 180 mm.

The most up to date concept of the cast arm guarantees outstanding stiffness of the entire system, maximum accuracy during cutting and a
long service life of the saw bands. All of electrical wiring and coolant distribution are concealed in hollow parts of the arm, which means they
are protected from damage. The new concept of the arm also brings a great simplification when changing the saw band or when cleaning
the inside of the arm. You just need to open the hinged back cover of the arm and it will stay locked in the upper position. Apart from the
new saw arm design, there are many technological adjustments that improve user comfort as well as the quality and durability of the
machine. New is also the height-adjustable lever of the arm stroke leading to more ergonomic operation of the machine. As an accessory, it
is possible to use the cleaning brush of the saw band that is synchronously driven by the driving wheel.
Universal band saw is appraised for general use in continuous uninterrupted production plants and in workshops (work on locks,
maintenance) as well. Industrial band 27 x 0.9 mm is manufactured in many versions and allows for cutting of wide range of materials,
including stainless steel or tool steel. The band saw arm uplift is manual; the feed into cut is carried out by the weight of the arm, with the
possibility of continuous regulation by the oil damper relief valve. When the cut is finished the band saw drive automatically switches off. To
facilitate easy arm uplift the machine is equipped with adjustable tension spring that allow for setting of optimumforce required for the arm
uplift according to characteristics of the material to be cut.



  • Robust machine framework composes of castings from grey cast iron and therefore ensures vibration absorption.
  • Modern concept of the band saw arm allows for large cutting ranges in upright and angular cuts.
  • Simple locking and adjusting of the desired cutting angle on the angle scale with stops fixed at 45°, 60° and 90°.
  • Massive quick-clamping vice ensures easy and reliable material clamping.
  • Large diameter running wheels and precise three-side hardmetal guiding ensure long service life of the band and cutting accuracy.
  • Overdesign of running wheel bearings, tensioning wheel system and all rotary parts ensures long service life of the machine.
  • Noiseless and maintenance-free band drive is provided by an industrial electric motor with worm gearbox.
  • Three-phase two-speed motor (400 V) allows for the selection of band speed between 40 and 80 m/min.
  • The machine is connected to a complete cooling system with a high-performance pump and possibility of regulating the flow on both
  • guiding heads independently. Coolant tank with a pump is placed in the base of the machine.
  • Easy control by ergonomically placed controls (electrical and hydraulics) on the base of the machine.
  • The machine is equipped with a 250 mm workpiece stop.


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Characteristics of Band Saws
Pivot type
90° round / square / rectangle, mm
45° round / square / rectangle, mm
60° round / square / rectangle, mm
-45° round / square / rectangle, mm
Main motor, kW
Pump motor, kW
Saw blade speed, m/min
Workpiece stop, mm
Saw blade sizes, mm
Coolant tank, l
Working height of vice (with base), mm
Machine dimensions, mm (min.)
Machine dimensions, mm (max.)
Machine weight, kg

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