Laser Cutting Machines PalLaser FL1530H

Laser Cutting Machines PalLaser FL1530H


Main characteristics All specifications
Working Area X, Y mm: 1500x3000
Laser Source, (brand): Raycus
Laser Source Power W: 1000-6000
Max. Cutting Capacity (mild steel) mm: 10-23
Rapid feed on each (X//Y ) axis , m/min: 110

  • The company was founded in 1952 and today has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of lathes and milling machines. More than 18 years of experience in developed and manufacturing laser cutting machines.    
  • The company is currently a high-tech enterprise that manufactures CNC milling centers, CNC lathes and laser cutting machines.
  • The company has built a modern factory with an area of ​​more than 55,000 square meters. The company's products are exported to more than 90 countries.
  • The company is located in an important technological area. This is a key high-tech enterprise in China's mechanical engineering.
  • In 2001, the company entered the TOP-30 enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering in China.
  • Since 2003, it has been collaborating with the renowned manufacturer of lathes 600 UK Ltd, for which it manufactures high-level CNC lathes.



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Laser Cutting Machines
Working Area X, Y mm
Laser Source, (brand)
Laser Source Power W
Max. Cutting Capacity (mild steel) mm
Rapid feed on each (X//Y ) axis , m/min
Acceleration G
Position precision/Repeated Position Precicion mm
Max. loading capacity kg
Machine Dimension mm
Machine Wieght kg
  • Working Table 1530х3050 mm                             
  • Standard welded bed made of steel pipes, followed by high temperature tempering, for S seriesReinforced welded bed made of sheet steel and subject to high temperature anneling for N, N / T and E Series
  • 7075 Alumium Alloy  Beam
  • Autofocus Laser Head, Raytools (Swiss made),  or WSX (China) for 6000 W Source
  • FSCUT2000 Control System (Cypcut)
  • FSCUT (BCS100) Independent Height Tracking Device
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Rack & Pinion System, YYC (Taiwan)
  • Square Linear Guides,  HIWIN (Taiwan)
  • Servo Motors, YASKAWA  (Japan)
  • Planetary Gearboxes, SHIMPO (Japan)
  • Proportional Valves,  SMC (Japan)  or AVENTICS (Germany) for a 6000 W Source  
  • Solenoid Valve CKD, (Japan)
  • Water Chiller,  Hanli/S&A , (China)
  • 3 kW Exhaust Fan For Smoke Removal
  • Industrial PC
  • MaincElectronic Components Schneider, (France)
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Dust Guide Ways Protection
  • High Temperature Protection (4000-6000W)
  • 6000 mm Pipe CuttingModule (with two pneumatic chucks and three YASKAWA servomotors) for the N / T series
  • FSCUT3000S control system (Cypcut &
  • TubePro) for the N / T series "
  • Automatic Change Table for E-Series



  • Laser Sources IPG, (Germany),  nLIGHT, (USA) and MAX, (China)
  • Manual Focusing of the Laser Head (500-2000W)
  •  FSCUT1000 Control System (Cypone) for Machines with a Laser Sources  (500-1000W)
  • Work Table Sizes  Series S: 1300х2500 mm, 1530х4050 mm
  • Work Table Sizes  Series N: 1530х4050 mm, 1500х6100 mm, 2030х4050 mm, 2030х6050mm
  • For a module for cutting pipes:  Profiles Cutting Devices with Different Cross Section (С, U, I)

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