Vertical machining centers Kasuga Q120

Vertical machining centers Kasuga Q120


  • Brand: KASUGA
  • Product Code: Q120

Main characteristics All specifications
Table 1300х650
Max. loading capacity kg: 1200
Cursa pe axe X / Y / Z mm: 1250х660х660
Spindle speed rpm: 6000
Spindle motor power kW: 15/18,5 / 11/15

Q/QX series


  • Vertical machining centers
  • Optimum structure for better rigidity and accuracy.
  • The big span structure of Y-axis either wider junction between column and base provides high stability during processing.
  • High speed, high rigidity, and high load transition system on all three axis
  • Laser, ball bar circle and spindle dynamic balance inspection are employed to ensure high precision, superior dynamic and static accuracy and machining quality
  • High Speed ATC, (tool change time, 2.3/4 sec)
  • High precision, high speed, up to (0-10 000rpm), and high spindles rigidity
  • Axis cutting feed rate up to 10 m/min for X/Y/Z-Axis
  • Axis rapid feed rate up to 24 m/min for X/Y/ -Axis, and 20 m/min, for Z- Axiz



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Технические характеристики (фрезерные центры)
Max. loading capacity kg
Cursa pe axe X / Y / Z mm
Spindle speed rpm
Spindle motor power kW
15/18,5 / 11/15
Spindle tapper (Tool shank) BT
X/Y/Z/ Axis rapide feed rate m/min
X/Y/Z/ Axis cutting feed rate m/min
ATC type/Magazine No, тип
24Т, Arm type
Machine dimensions mm
Machine weight kg
Giudeway type
box (bloc) guideway
Guideway q-ty for Y Axis Y
  • Spindle type BT40, BT 50 belt drive/gear drive
  • MPG remote
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • Transformer 380V with case
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Chip flashing system
  • Air blust cutting coolant system
  • Tool magazine
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Screw type chip conveyor and chart
  • Working lamp
  • Ring type cutting cooling flushing system
  • Three colors operation status lamp
  • Rinse spray gun
  • Air gun
  • Chip flashing system
  • Full enclosed splash guard
  • Rigid taping
  • Eyebolts, leveling bolts
  • Toolbox with spaners and wrenches
  • Operation manual and inspection lists
  • Controller manual and circuit diagram
  • Warranty, 1 year


  • Screw type chip conveyor with chart                                    
  • Disc type oil skimmer
  • CTS 20/30 Bar
  • Renishaw tool length measurement TS27R
  • Renishaw tool length measurement OTS
  • Renishaw workpiece, measurement OMP60
  • Renishaw workpiece, measurement OMP60
  • Renishaw workpiece, measurement Primo LTS
  • Air conditioner in electrical cabinet
  • CNC 4-th Axis preparation
  • CNC 4-th/5-th Axis rotary table

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